झूठी WIFE को जेल भेजो !!!

Woman Versus Woman What to do when wife leaves home? Discharge Vs Framing of Charges Stay Away from Lawyers & Men Rights NGO's My B&W Poster of Year 2014 (One Man Army) Page 2 of above poster (This is HOW i started) Counter/ Criminal Case Against wife [LTR] is a must to get out of false 498a, 125, dv, RCR etc  =}    झूठी WIFE को जेल भेजने  के लिये छटपटाना सीख ले NRI Success Story Read these below explanations very carefully to understand why you should fight party in person with the help of LTR and why you should never use any lawyer in this fight against false cases. ATUR CHATUR    or   LAWYER / ADVOCATE Below are my personal views only. Terms & Conditions & Disclaimer at this website and also at website applies to the below so kindly read all those before readin