झूठी WIFE को जेल भेजो !!!

SOME1 – LAWYER MEANS A FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE they are all in bed together, its the fox guarding the hen house. If they were to censure a fellow attorney then they would be putting themselves in line to be censured back,,,,down the road, because they are all corrupt. I have noticed that if you are in a room of attorneys that do not have a dog in the fight, and you mention something about a corrupt attorney and/or judge and name them, they all get quite, and try to change the subject. Because you are talking about their family,,,and they are are all corrupt and they all know the corrupt things that the other one did. Source :- aturchatur says – As per above guy an advocate (attorney) is a liar lawyer because:- (a)All Lawyers are corrupt. (b)A Lawyer is like a Fox and his client i.e., you are like a Hen. Now if a Hen asks a Fox to guard his house then will the fox not eat all the chickens of the Hen? (c)All Lawyers are in b…